Tomatina Festival and more: What can you do on your Spain vacation in August 2021?

When is La Tomatina Festival 2021?

25th August 2021 will be the date Bunol celebrates La Tomatina. The festival takes place on the last Wednesday in August.

Where is La Tomatina held?

La Tomatina is held in Bunol, a charming little town 38 kilometers west of Valencia, its provincial and autonomous capital city. It may have begun for an entirely different reason, but it’s now celebrated in honor of Bunol’s patron saint: Luis Bertran (as well as the Virgin Mary).

The town of Bunol, with a population of less than 9,000, was largely unnoticed until travelers from around the globe learned about the Tomatina Festival, held here annually. Bunol’s people are some of the friendliest in Europe and are also creative, adventurous, and very creative.

What happens in Spain during Tomatina Week?

La Tomatina, the Spanish tomato-throwing festival, is held on the last Wednesday in August each year. The Tomatina Festival is when Spain is more lively and joyful than ever. The festival starts at 11 am, right after the first cannon sounds. It ends at 1 pm when the second one is fired. During these two hours, participants will throw, rub, and bathe themselves in tomatoes. The two-hour La Tomatina Festival is not all you can experience during your Spain vacation!

The Tomatina frenzy starts a week before the main festival. You’ll be able to enjoy a whole week of festivities. You’ll find that a Spain vacation of 6 days and five nights is ideal. There are many things to do, as well as festivals to enjoy. We’ll highlight the top events to watch out for during your Spain vacation:

25th August 2021: Music, Dance, Wine, Fireworks, Parades…and Paella!

The day before the festival is pure chaos on the streets. Bunol, Spain, is filled with music, laughter, and dancing. There are also fireworks. The night before the main event, the paella-making competition, all the shops are covered in protective plastic.

Culinary experts line up to create the best Spanish dishes. After the winner has been announced, there is a big feast where food and wine are distributed, including freshly prepared Paella.

26th August 2021: The battle begins!

More than 100 metric tons of tomatoes are brought in by trucks and thrown onto the streets of Plaza del Pueblo. The festival can only start after the crowd is eager to start! Around 10 am, the ham of Spain is placed on top of a greased wooden pole. The festival begins only after a brave soul has climbed up the pole to retrieve the meat.

The spectators laugh as they watch people fight to get to the top, only to fall back down again and again. While the ham is still hanging on top, at 11 am sharp, a cannon will be fired, and the madness will begin!

The town and its residents will be painted red when the second cannon fires at 1 pm. After this time, it is forbidden to throw tomatoes. After two hours of squishing tomatoes and rolling people around on the tomato-pulp-covered floor, trucks sprayed water down on them. Citric acid washes the streets of Bunol clean, and you can see the de-tanned people as well.

How do I get to Bunol, Spain, for the La Tomatina Festival?

Bunol can be reached relatively quickly, particularly from Valencia (in contrast to Barcelona and Madrid).

How to get to Bunol: The closest airport to Bunol in Valencia is 30 miles. You can take a taxi or a bus or rent a car to drive from the airport. You can also go to the Valencia Central Station to take one of the trains that leave every 60 minutes to Bunol (the first train will likely be at 8:08 am). It is most convenient to take the 50-minute train ride to Bunol to attend Tomatina.

How to get to Bunol, Spain, from Barcelona: Take a flight to Valencia, then take a road trip by car, shared taxi, bus, etc. You can also get to Bunol by taxi, train, or car.

What is the cost of La Tomatina admission?

Tickets for the La Tomatina Festival cost INR750/- (10 Euros) and are available only to the first 20 000 people who book well in advance. Don’t worry if the tickets have already been sold out. Tomatina Festival Tours include not only the tickets for the festival but also your accommodations and other incredible deals. It is possible to still participate in the festival or other events Spain offers.

What is the average daily budget per person for a holiday to Valencia, Spain

Are you worried about your budget? Fret not. We’ve got it covered! This is a breakdown of an estimated budget for a day at Bunol in Valencia. It includes the main aspects such as accommodation, food, local transport, sightseeing and other things like shopping. Bunol is a small town in Valencia that’s relatively affordable, so it will be easy to find a place for you to eat, stay and relax.

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