Osaka in August: The Perfect Time to Witness the Colourful and Exciting Festivals

Osaka, the third largest city in the Land of the Rising Sun, is a thriving metropolis. It has many positive aspects, from food to culture to technology and modern infrastructure. Osaka is best visited in August to experience the local culture and participate in the many festivals. Although it can be pretty hot in August, the excitement of the city allows you to experience the culture and traditions of Japanese people.

The Best Things to Do in Osaka, August

Despite the hot weather and humidity in August, the city becomes more colorful and vibrant with the numerous events and festivals. These are the best things to see and do in Osaka during August. They will give you a great insight into this city and its people.


Locals light up the sky with fireworks throughout the month, especially on weekends. The beautiful fireworks transform the dark skies into an art piece with flashing colors. Many food stalls are set up throughout the city, which will offer you the best local dishes from Osaka and Japan. Locals love street food such as Yakisoba (fried noodles) and Yakitori (chicken skewers).

Summer Festivals

August is the month when the city comes alive. This month is when some of the country’s most exciting festivals occur.


The Nebuta Festival is one of Japan’s most exciting and energetic festivals. The festival is held for six days in Aomori Prefecture, from 2 to 7 August, and attracts over 3 million visitors yearly.

Awa Odori Festival

It is Tokushima Prefecture’s largest traditional dance festival. Awa dance is performed by several dance groups in the city, attracting about 1 million visitors each year.

Wear Yukata

The month of August, which is a month full of festivals, is a perfect time to wear a traditional Japanese dress. This dress is worn by people all over the city on different occasions, reflecting the cool colors of summer. It makes the town colorful and beautiful.

Summer Sonic

Summer Sonic is the largest and most craziest music festival in the city. It lasts for two days. The festival features famous bands like The Chainsmokers and Two Door Cinema Club. The 2-day festival is a great way to chill out with friends and enjoy the music.


The best time to visit the beaches in Osaka is now. This is the perfect time to enjoy the heat of summer on the beaches. They are less crowded and more vibrant. Relax, get a tan, and enjoy a chilled beer. Locals are saying this.

Beer Garden

The city has many beer gardens, especially on the roofs of buildings. They serve cold beer and delicious food. You can relax, chill out and escape the busy city life. The gardens are famous for young people to relax and have fun together. The gardens are also great for the city’s working class to relax and take a break!

Summer Dishes

Many seasonal dishes are trendy in the summer. These dishes will give you a cooling sensation and help you escape the summer heat. Shaved ice, fruits of the season, and more are some of the most popular summer dishes.

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